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Doriam González Parral

They were not criminals, they were just students who wanted a better future …

- Oliveria Parral Rosa

Doriam Gonzalez Parral and his brother Jorge Luis Gonzalez Parral are from Xalpatláhuac, a community located in one of the most marginalized regions of extreme poverty in Mexico, La Montaña de Guerrero. They wanted to train together as rural teachers, to study in Ayotzinapa and become graduates of the same generation.


With the goal of undertaking their collective dream, the brothers devised a plan: Jorge Luis would wait for Doriam, 3 years younger, to finish high school. The agreement had the support of the family. The boys would take care of each other; nothing could happen to them. Jorge Luis and Doriam achieved their goal to enter the Normal school together. Along the way, the values instilled by their family were extremely useful: to be good people, honest, disciplined, workers …

Doriam is the more serious of the two brothers. Dedicated to his studies, his family describes him as intelligent and shy. He is an excellent mathematician, who wanted to be a civil engineer but the family did not have the financial resources to pay for the education. At Ayotzinapa he was called “Kinder” because of his short stature and appearance of a little kid. Doriam is one of the best-loved normalista for his personality, reserved at first but once he has the confidence of friendship, he is known to be humorous and playful.


After they were accepted in Ayotzinapa, Doriam and Jorge Luis returned home twice to visit their parents, Aristeo González and Oliveria Parral Rosa, and their siblings.  On both occasions, they expressed their joy at having realized their goal to study as teachers together. Their dream lasted just two short months, and the Gonzalez Parral family has since been living with the pain of a double wound.

Doriam González Parral and Jorge Luis González Parral
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