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Giovanni Galindes Guerrero

As mothers we will not rest until we find our children and we will not go back to our homes without them; he is my only son, whose dream was to prepare to serve people and society. I think that now in this country it is a crime to study.

- María Elena Guerrero Vásquez

Alfredo Galindes Araujo graduated over 30 years ago from the Normal Raúl Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa. His oldest daughter is also a rural teacher, having attended a Normal school for women in Morelos. His son Giovanni wants to be a teacher like his father, who by example, showed him the value of teaching for pleasure and courage over money.  He chose Ayotzinapa and told his father: "I want to be a teacher like you, I want to help young people, to be someone who serves society.”


María Elena Guerrero Vásquez, Giovanni’s mother says that he has has the vision of being a primary school teacher since childhood, because he was accustomed to work, and because he is affectionate, kind, and talks to everyone. Although as a child he was restless and mischievous, he has always been very studious. Giovanni’s hard work led him to pass the exam to continue his studies at the school that is five hours from his home in the town of Poliutla, municipality of Tlapehuala, in the Tierra Caliente region of Guerrero, one of the most insecure and violent areas due to disputes between drug cartels.


Aware of the history of the normalistas in Mexico, María Elena knew the difficulties that her son, in a constant effort to continue studying, faced in the boarding school “Isidro Burgos.” 


"My son is very intelligent, but the government does not give them money for the maintenance of the school. It does not want the youth to wake up, it wants them to be illiterate and not defend themselves.”

"Son, I'm still looking for you, I'm waiting for you

I will not stop until I find you

Giovanni Galindes Guerrero
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