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GIEI experts return for Iguala case investigation


Emir Olivares and Fabiola Martínez | Thursday, 01 Aug 2019 10:47

Mexico City. Two of the five specialists that formed the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) returned to Mexico to join the work for the investigation in the Iguala case.

This morning, Ángela Buitrago and Francisco Cox joined the work of the Truth and Access to Justice Commission for the Ayotzinapa case, at a meeting held in the Juarez room of the Ministry of the Interior.

Accompanied by the president of the IACHR, Esmeranda Arosemena de Troitiño, and the commissioner, Luis Ernesto Vargas, both experts arrived at the Palace of Cobián, where the work of the Commission is being carried out, which is chaired by the Secretary of Human Rights of the Secretariat of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas.

The Commission also includes federal officials, a representation of the relatives of the 43 disappeared normalists and members of the civil organizations that have accompanied them.

This meeting's purpose is to define the new activities that experts will carry out around the case and how they will contribute to the Commission - created by decree of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador - to move forward with the inquiries in order to find the whereabouts of the missing students and getting to the truth and justice of the crimes committed in Iguala, Guerrero between the night of September 26 and the morning of September 27, 2014.

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